The Gospel is joyful and awe-inspiring news.

God made us to follow Him, image Him and love Him, but we have all pushed Him away. We would rather "play God" over our own lives and be in the driver seat than gladly submitting to God.


The problem is two-fold: we can push away God by our ungodly living AND by our godly living. We understand that living apart from God by ungodliness (in thought, word, deed, and motive). However, we can live apart from God by doing good works because we are trying to be our own Savior and living without depending upon God. Both rebellion and religion is opposed to God in different ways.

To deliver us and mend the hostility between us and God, He comes down to earth as the perfect God-Man, Jesus. He lives the perfect life under the law (in thought, word, deed and motive) - the life we have not lived (and causes us to be guilty before God). He voluntarily dies on a cross and pays the penalty for our rebellion against God.

A right response to what Jesus has done is to turn from being in the driver seat and gladly submit and trust your entire life to God.

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